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Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Questions regarding the Application Process




  1. I completed a one year Master programme equivalent to 60 credit points according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Is this sufficient to apply for ADAPTED?

    For admission to a PhD it is usually required that previous studies (Bachelor plus Master) add up to 300 ECTS

  2. English is the language of instruction in my Master studies. Do I have to submit an English language proficiency certificate?

    An English language certificate can only be substituted if English is one of the official languages in your country of origin and/or if English was the language of instruction since secondary school.
    If you have completed an English language proficiency test more than two years ago as part of the requirements for admission to your Master studies, a copy of this test together with your Master certificate and transcript can be submitted as proof of your language proficiency.

  3. Can I apply if I have not finished my Master studies yet but will have completed it before the ADAPTED contracts start?

    In principle, this is possible but it is necessary to submit a document issued by your university which confirms that you are expected to complete your Master studies before September 2021.

  4. Can I participate in the ADAPTED project on distance?
    No, if you apply for one of the open ESR positions you have to move to the country of the recruiting university and you will be hosted at the premise of the recruiting partner.

  5. What does it mean that applicants must have less than 4 years of postgraduate research experience for being eligible? Am I eligible to apply if I graduated from a Master degree (or another equivalent degree qualifying for admission to doctoral studies) more than four years ago?
    This depends on the type of activities carried out during this period. If these activities are to be judged as "research activities" according to the definition adopted by the OECD ( for a period of four years or more you are not eligible. A judgement of this aspect is part of the selection process and a final decision can be provided only after screening of the full application documents and possible additional clarification.

  6. How do I have to submit recommendation letters?
    You can submit recommendation letters as part of your application package. If your referees prefer to submit letters directly to us, they are of course free to do so. In this case an e-mail should be send to The reference line should include "“ADAPTED application- reference: applicants” name. The recommendation letter (on the institution's letter head, dated, and signed) should be send as an attachment to such an e-mail, preferably as pdf-file.

Questions regarding Benefits

  1. The basic gross amount of the living allowance is EUR 3 270 per month. What amount will I receive as net amount?

    The basic gross amount differs from country to country to ensure equal treatment and purchasing power parity. For ADAPTED partner countries the amounts are as follows:

    - Germany: 3171,90 EUR
    - The Netherlands: 3528,33 EUR
    - France: 3783,39 EUR
    - Turkey: 2684,67

    The amounts reflect the gross amount available for payment of salaries before taxation and compulsory deductions for contributions to social insurance schemes. Deductions for contributions to social insurance schemes include the employee's plus the employer's share to social insurance schemes! Tax deductions differ depending on national law and individual characteristics of an employee.

    Getting an idea about the net salary to be expected requires the use of gross – net calculators for the respective country. Examples are presented below.

    Ruhr University Bochum offers a topping up of the EU contribution to ensure payment according to TVL 13. The net payment which can be expected is around 2.466 EUR. Details are available here.

    A gross payment (total costs for the employer) of 3.528,33 EUR leads to a net payment for the employee of around 2.400 EUR. See here for an example calculation.

    France: Information will follow!
    Turkey: Information will follow!

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