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Overall Training Aim

To achieve the overarching objective of ADAPTED, the consortium will implement an international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary training programme through which the Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) will develop a highly competitive skills portfolio:

The ADAPTED training programme combines local doctoral training offers at the European partner universities with high-level network-wide training and training through secondments with development practice partners and field research periods which are supervised by African partner universities.

The Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) will acquire Core Research Skills via the individual research project. They develop a deep and holistic understanding of strategic direction and intellectual developments about poverty-related research in the own discipline, contribute to the integrity and future vibrancy of the discipline/research area, create new models and hypotheses, research designs, data collection and analysis techniques. They produces research, which can inform the development or enhancement of policy.

Advanced Research Skills are delivered by the ADAPTED consortium through local and network-wide training. Through this training, ESRs recognise the value of alternative research paradigms and are able to work in and support others working in an interdisciplinary way. They understand analytical or statistical procedures in related disciplines and show highly developed awareness of appropriate sources of information (bibliographical resources, archives, interview formats, databanks, surveys) for research. ESRs are proficient and confident in applying critical thinking skills, confidently enquires, challenges and questions, drive and deliver innovative research projects, understand and apply the relevant codes of conduct and guidelines for the ethical conduct of research. They seek advice from supervisor, engage in peer support and evaluation, and appreciate and work with diversity and difference in education and research. ESRs understand the value of open access of research outputs to researchers and the wider society, manage the deposit of research outputs, open and wider access, and the Creative Commons license.

Through Transferable Skills delivered by the consortium, the ESRs initiate and sustain networks and relationships encouraging opportunities for employment, develop a realistic view of their own potential in the academic or non-academic job market, adapt career development plans appropriately and seek out appropriate opportunities to enhance employability. They use interactive communication technologies for networking, information/data sharing and promoting research presence, produce publishable material of high standard; may co-author/collaborate with others, disseminate in a range of research, professional and public outlets, contribute to promoting the public understanding of SDG- and poverty reduction-related research.

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