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Annual Meeting of the ADAPTED Network in Paris

Annual Meeting of the ADAPTED Network in Paris

For the third time, the consortium of the European Joint Doctorate Programme ADAPTED is coming together for the Annual Meeting. From 26 February until 1 March, 2024, Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), academic supervisors, advisory board members, African partners and practice partners jointly discuss the progress and initial findings of the individual PhD research projects. The meeting takes place at the Centre d'Economie de la Sorbonne (CES/ CNRS) of Paris 1 University at which several ESRs and supervisors are based. Also, this event was organized in close cooperation with the partners at CES/ CNRS.

The focal point of the meeting is the SDG Forum, at which the individual ESR research projects are being discussed as well as their contributions to findings pathways towards achieving the SDGs. Feedback to the ESRs is not only provided by peers, but also by academic supervisors, African partners and Advisory Board members who join both physically or online. A further important part of the meeting programme are the network-wide training offers. Dr. Sven Grimm, German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS), offers a career orientation workshop with a focus on employment opportunities in international cooperation and policy advice. Furthermore, Wil Hout, Galina Cornelisse and ADAPTED speaker Wilhelm Löwenstein offer reflective sessions on the role of governance, law and economic growth theory throughout the development of the individual ESR research projects.

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